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my name is Wilfried Eck (in English "Corner"). I was born in 1944 and built models since age of 14. Though my English may be a little bit rusty I try to furnish our club website with content of interest (Diverting to the German "Modellbau-ABC may be interesting too) .

Till now there are the following pages in English/American:



Models in "Modellfotos" 1

  Captions in English you'll get in the appropriate German model page (when clicking a photo in Modellfotos 1 or 3 you'll get to the German page, then click  "in English".. Descriptions for other model pages to follow.

Models in "Modellfotos" 3

  As before.

Modelling ABC

  Modelling-ABC centers on aviation and contains modelling tips and history as well. In quite a few cases some knowledge of time, location and circumstanceses is necessary to get a correct model. Just click the button at left and then the letter you'd like to see (in the following pages on top). But beware, sometimes it's contrary to statements in modelling magazines (in my case there is research behind it).


  "Originalfotos" in the German part contains photos of actual aircraft, both ancient and modern ones. Just have a look.


  Maybe you'd like to see models of other club members too (captions mostly in German).


  "Hub page for Modelling. Also yearly participations in model exhibitions (= "Ausstellung").


  What's new you'll see in the German "News" page.

Much fun!


Wilfried Eck